We are the ones who will show up with a smile on our face, strike up conversation with your family and friends, and guide/direct so that you’re comfortable (and natural looking) for photos. Sound like your cup of tea? Actually, forget the tea, let’s have a shot of whiskey or tequila instead – shall we? In all seriousness, our motto stands true because we go above and beyond to ensure the best quality of photos and also keep things 100% real with you. If you’re a sloucher, we will tell you stand up straighter for pictures. If you are having a night time ceremony, we will explain to you that we need some daylight photos and a First look miiiight be the best idea. We know family members may like things more traditional, so we make sure to get the Family Formals captured. Candids? We believe in those, too! In short, we have your back. We communicate through out the whole process, we care about your big day and most of all… we’re fun to be around while capturing all your memories. That’s the “We Give A Shit” expeirence. You in?

We are based in New York City, Florida + now branching out to California!